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The GWU is satisfied with the government’s initiative to reduce the
prices of essential food products.

The General Workers’ Union (GWU) is satisfied with the government’s initiative to further reduce the burden of the cost of living through dialogue with various importers and supermarket owners so that the prices of 15 essential food categories are reduced and stabilised.

With this move, the government guarantees that the prices of around 400 products will be reduced by 15% compared to last October’s price and that there will be no price increase until the next budget.

“We are pleased with this initiative, which means further help to maintain the quality of life of workers in our country. Of course, we must not forget the subsidies for electricity, water, fuel and grain. However, we advise the government to remain vigilant so that no abuse is committed, and if it is, there will be severe penalties,” said GWU Secretary General Josef Bugeja.

He added that it is good to remember the similar proposal that the GWU presented to the government before the last budget. A proposal to stabilise prices for the most purchased products by introducing a system where food importers are given the opportunity to apply for loans at a credit interest rate in order to buy in bulk and thus limit and stabilise prices.