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GWU demands justice: “Whoever is responsible must be made to pay for their actions”

The General Workers’ Union stresses to all parties involved in this latest construction accident, which resulted in the death of an innocent woman, to be responsible for their actions. The Pace family demands justice; the Maltese demand justice.

It is very clear that there exists a lack of enforcement and adherence in the construction industry. This tragedy is the result of arrogance from a select number of contractors, who did not take into consideration the established health and safety measures, and do not follow them. This applies both in the actual construction sites themselves, as well as the properties adjacent to these sites.

It’s very evident that this is another case of negligence, which lead to the death of a mother, while another family has been left without a roof, and lost all that they have built over the past years. It’s very evident that this is another case of someone thinking that the rules do not apply to him. It’s very evident that certain contractors are irresponsible, ignore every existing regulation, and trounce over every citizen’s right to leave in peace in his own home. The right to be protected within your own home is is a sacrosanct right belonging to each and every person, ensuring peace of mind within his own home. The right to enjoy one’s home should go over and above anyone’s right to develop. The time for words has gone, now it’s the time to take action. Concrete and harsh action is to be taken against anyone who’s caught abusing. The GWU appeals that immediate action is to be taken, including the proper enforcement of the existing regulations, while ensuring that justice is to be delivered swiftly and efficiently, therefore protecting all citizens.

The GWU is also establishing a bank account, so that all workers who are willing to generously contribute to help these families in this time of need, can do so.

Unfortunately, no one and nothing can bring back this victim to her family, and no action can give proper solace to the Pace family, but Miriam Pace, as well as any other victim of the construction industry, deserve justice. In these tough times, our thoughts and prayers are with the Pace family. Our sincerest condolences, for this tragic loss.