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GWU Pensioners Association disappointed after BOV’s latest decision

GWU Għaqda Pensjonanti did not agree at all with the Bank of Valletta’s conduct for deciding that the minimum amount that can be collected from the cashier has now become €700.

The Pensioners’ Association believes that this decision will bring more challenges to pensioners and the bank’s action confirms what the association said, “Banks are moving in the direction of abolishing the teller service once and for all. ” The Pensioners Association further strengthens its argument that BOV is using the pandemic to try to come to this decision.

Instead of taking further decisions against the pensioners on the pretext of the pandemic, this bank should ensure that it takes appropriate measures which are already in place to help the elderly, pensioners and the bank staff more.

The Pensioners Association makes it clear that it does not agree with this decision as it is contrary to all the discussions that the Association has had with BOV officials. These discussions were aimed at ensuring that the bank provides better service to pensioners and does not continue to make life difficult for them, especially during a pandemic, because it means the bank is letting the society down.

The Pensioners Association demands that the authorities, especially the finance authorities, put an end once and for all to this unacceptable behavior by banks, in this case BOV Bank, towards pensioners.

The Pensioners Association apologizes for not being able to take more necessary measures due to the pandemic, but nevertheless the association will do everything possible, depending on the circumstances.