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Signing of a Collective Agreement with the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage

A new Collective Agreement was signed between the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage and the Government and Public Entities Section of the General Workers’ Union. A Collective Agreement that will see an improvement in the financial package of workers and scales, as well as the introduction of flexible hours among others.

The Secretary of the Government and Public Entities Section Kendrick Bondin while thanking everyone for the work done to make this third negotiation that will bear fruit in this ever growing entity mentioned how this the Collective Agreement is reflecting all the procedures that are being carried out for this entity to attract people and keep them while continuing to strengthen the young environment among government officials.

“This is a Collective Agreement for an entity with workers who have a specific job for which it is good to be recognized for it with a reinforcement in wages and a reinforcement in the structure, as well as flexibility in hours,” repeated Mr. Bondin.

The Chief Executive of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage Kurt Farrugia continued to stress that in addition to the increases in the financial package, as they are recognizing the need to have a balance between the world of work and personal life they saw that the introduction of flexibility in working hours was of importance.

“We also recognized the need for progress in the career of the employees by introducing new job scales as well as measures to manage and improve the operation of the entity.”

The General Secretary of the GWU Josef Bugeja said that he is linking this occasion precisely with Labor Day which will be remembered in a few more days, as this is the fruit and success of the work of the employees.

“When a Collective Agreement is signed it means success that both sides have become one. We are obliged to leave Malta better than we found it. So it is good to offer a future to our workers and appreciate their specializations who are working hard to leave the culture and art of our country for the generations to come,” said Mr. Bugeja.

Among the thanks he specifically mentioned the shop stewards who stressed that they do voluntary work because they believe in their mission as workers and in the mission to see the worker moving forward.

The Minister for National Heritage, Arts and Local Government Owen Bonnici mentioned how great the work that has been done in recent years when it comes to the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, as we are seeing a Superintendence that is working very good, walked good steps while enforcing and regulating with balance.

He added that the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage has a delicate role as it is a Regulator in a Mediterranean country in addition to regulating building and development and all that is required in terms of historical heritage and its protection.

“While it is a big challenge we are also fortunate to have all this historical heritage. Today we are taking another step to continue valuing the workers of the Superintendence. An entity that is always attracting new people who are continuing to train as a result of the good work that this entity carries out with the help of the GWU which has always been a shoulder,” concluded Minister Bonnici.