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OHSA urges precautions against sunlight in the workplace

People who work outdoors know what sun means and the challenges of working in Malta’s hot climate. Working outdoors poses many risks, including exposure to dangerous UV radiation and excessive heat.

During the month dedicated to melanoma, and with the current rise in temperatures and possible heat wave, the Occupational Health and Safety Authority (OHSA) emphasises the need to take all necessary measures to avoid health problems resulting from excessive sun exposure and excessive heat.

Heat-related illness can be prevented, and to do so, employers must commit to taking the most effective measures identified in the risk assessment. The best strategies for working safely outdoors are to avoid sun exposure and to regulate the way employees work in the heat.

Each year, OHSA publishes the Work in the Heat and Sun document to guide managers in identifying the risks associated with this type of work, the actions to take, and the information to provide to workers. This guide is available in both English and Maltese and can be downloaded for free from the OHSA Facebook page or through the following links: English: https://bit.ly/Xemx_Shana_ MT and English: https://bit.ly/sun_heat_EN

For more information, contact OHSA at 21247677, email [email protected] or visit the OHSA Facebook page @ohsamalta.