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EUROPRIDE 2023: You are an equal member of society

In a few more days, EuroPride 2023 will be staged in Valletta, a varied and comprehensive event over ten days that will give space to the LGBTIQ+ community to convey its message.

This international event is hosted by a different European city every year and this year our island was chosen, as according to the ILGA Europe Rainbow Europe index Malta is the best place in Europe for LGBTIQ+ people while legislatively Malta is far ahead of many other European nations.

This activity will not only be an event of celebrations, but also one of respect and knowledge so that future generations do not have to fight for causes that should have been won a long time ago. This was one of the messages delivered by the Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms and Equality, Rebecca Buttigieg, at the launch of EuroPride in Malta.

Through this event, a clear message must be sent that everyone feels respected, recognized and valued by their friends, their workplaces and their families. Every LGBTIQ+ person should feel free to be themselves, without hiding who they love or how they identify themselves.

LGBTIQ+ rights are human rights, so that an LGBTIQ+ person is accepted everywhere is important. The good news is that around the world, LGBTIQ+ people are increasingly being accepted and the global divide on LGBTIQ+ rights continues to decrease.

In the coming days an event will be held during which a number of discussions will be held about LGBTIQ+ people at the workplace and in the community, about the impact and the obstacles they encounter on a daily basis.

Back in 1943 the General Workers’ Union was the only protection for employees against injustices and abuses in the workplace. It has always looked after and defended the interests of the workers and worked for the good of the quality of life of the workers. It never showed discrimination between individuals; rather it believes in diversity and social inclusiveness.

In the background of all this, during Europride, precisely on the 11th of September, the GWU will organize a conference that will deal with LGBTIQ+ Rights in the New World of Work; a conference that we believe is timely and important, also in light of the rapid changes taking place in the world of work.

We also believe that all this fits perfectly with the work that the GWU is doing in favor of equality and inclusion, while the conference will serve as an opportunity for those present to make their voices heard about certain situations they may be facing.