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The GWU in all of its years (1)

Social justice was and still is the main aspiration behind the establishment and work of the General Workers’ Union. Social justice is not abstract and is not only achieved with workplace rights but is also achieved with political rights that give citizens a voice.

Above all, however, the main objective of the GWU remained that of bringing forward the prosperity and welfare of the workers in their field of employment and obtaining for the partners a standard of living appropriate to the progress of the the times

The GWU, because it is a dynamic organization changes with the times and changes with the needs and progress of society but its principles based on social justice never change, chief among them the right of representation in that everything that relates to the interests of the workers.

Therefore, since its establishment 80 years ago, the GWU has worked and obtained rights so that workers at workplaces have the dignity they deserve along with political rights that give the worker a voice in leadership. of the country.

The history of the GWU and the social progress in our country therefore come into each other because they are linked to each other and reflect each other.