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GWU signs a collective labour agreement with the Malta Food Agency

The first collective labour agreement has been signed between the Malta Food
Agency and the General Workers Union for the employees working in the agency
responsible for the local product in our country. A historic agreement that represents
an important step towards improving conditions for the Agency’s employees within
the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Welfare. This agreement builds on
current conditions and emphasises the Agency’s commitment to protecting the
welfare of its employees.

The new agreement will introduce a structured system of grades for Agency staff,
offering employees the opportunity to progress within the Agency. Employees will
also see an improvement in their working conditions as well as a financial package
that reflects hard work and diligent and dedicated labour.

Minister Anton Refalo explained that this agreement is an important step for the
Agency. He explained that this achievement is the result of months of discussions
and joint work between the Malta Food Agency and the General Workers’ Union.
For her part, the Parliamentary Secretary for Fisheries, Aquaculture and Animal
Rights, Alicia Bugeja Said, also spoke about the importance of this collective
agreement for the agency’s employees.

The CEO of the Malta Food Agency, Brian Vella, commented: “With the collective
agreement, the management of the Malta Food Agency is building on the current
conditions because we believe that the employees deserve to be recognised for their
work and commitment.”

Kevin Abela, Secretary of the Food and Hospitality Section within the GWU, also
said: “With the agreement reached, our members will see a significant improvement
in their salaries as well as a number of other benefits. I would like to take this
opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed so that this agreement could
become a reality.”