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A straight to the point article that shows l-istampa of the issue being addressed from a unionist’s perspective. That’s the article ‘L-istampa’ in a nutshell. Thanks to this space, once a month we will provide l-istampa on a topic we have chosen to write about. Each article, L-istampa, will be divided into three sections, each with four points.

Why split up like this?

  • It is easier to follow and understand what is being written.
  • Helps you focus without distractions.
  • Easier to write and read.
  • t’s a writing style that gets you straight to the point

What topics will we be discussing?

  • Social and current affairs topics.
  • Work related industrial topics.
  • Discussions about the education sector.
  • Texts that talk about tourism.

Reasons for ‘L-Istampa’

  • There are several topics of interest to both us and our readers that we feel we should write about.
  • It is an educational opportunity both for us who write the article and for the readers.
  • It is an idea that began with a desire to offer a different picture than we may be used to.
  • The main reason is to visit an element of constructive, moderate and mature discussion.


As you can see, the article will be distributed in the same way as the articles The Other Picture. As we have repeated before, all articles will be direct, without turning a nutshell. We ourselves, sometimes find it difficult to read a long article. So we wondered if it should be a quick read article, but with the necessary information. This is how the idea for the article The Press was born. This article will appear on the first Monday of every month from now on. So we invite you to keep following this series of articles ‘L-Istampa’.

Gabriel Pullicino – Hospitality and Food Section