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TUDO for EDU … Project for efficient union representatives

In an ever-changing world of work, the General Workers’ Union and a number of international unions have expressed interest in the tender, so there are a total of 11 partners who will work together in this project called TUDO for EDU (Trade Union Digitization Officers for Effective Trade Unions). Trade unions from Malta, Poland, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia, Belgium, Romania and Hungary are participating in this project approved by the European Union. The project has a duration of 20 months and was funded with 385,846 €.

The objectives, results and chain of joint actions of the project, leading to the achievement of the project goals, are intended to contribute to the strengthening of workers’ organisations dealing with the challenges related to the transformation of employment (with a focus on digitalization and related changes), labour and social dialogue at the EU/transnational level, as well as to the strengthening of national social partners after the Covid crisis (again, with a special focus on the acceleration of digitalization processes after the outbreak of the pandemic).

Workers will be supported through the development of a permanent network of a group of trade union officers on digitization, an online course for workers’ representatives, and a strengthening of cooperation between the EU and the national level of trade union organisations. Here, the members of this network will be trained, they will receive a strong knowledge of all EU regulations on digitalization and of the processes, and they will discuss among themselves, constantly sharing their knowledge and experiences, while developing recommendations at EU and national level to face the new challenges and transfer knowledge to their organisations.

The project will focus on recommendations and best practices in the field of digitalization and how these will affect the social and economic life of workers (decent working conditions, right to separation from work, work-life balance, etc.).

A country-specific action plan and recommendations will be developed, focusing on what trade unions can do to eventually present a framework agreement on digitalization in practice to the European social partners.

Josef Bugeja, GWU general secretary, has always been committed to providing members with more knowledge so they can evolve to meet today’s demands. Kendrick Bondin, Section Secretary for Governments and Public Entities, supported Bugeja’s remarks, emphasizing that it is through projects like these, where good research is being done, that we can learn from our experiences and those of others to really get proper training.