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Notice to Mater Dei Hospital Workers

The Government and Public Entities Section within the GWU would like to be informed of decisions taken by the management of Mater Dei hospital following several complaints about the clamping of cars in various spaces in the staff car park.

Mater Dei Hospital Management is making a one-off concession to those workers who ended up with the car clamped from January 1 to February 12, 2021. The workers who had the permission of the parking has expired or they have been fined because they were parked in places for disabled people with unclear markings will be refunded. KIS Limited will be giving the money back the fines when drivers working at the same hospital show their renewed parking permit.

Mater Dei Management adds that it will continue to issue monthly reminders to collect new permits from the Cards Office. Permits should always be collected on time. Mater Dei will be checking that no one is parking with an expired permit. These new measures are being taken so that no one abuses the car park that is entitled to hospital workers with renewed permits.

Finally the same Management together with the GWU encourage everyone to follow these guidelines to ensure the best use of the car park.