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The GWU with thanks to the staff of Enemalta plc

Summer in Malta brings with it high temperatures and extreme heat. Nowadays, one cannot live at home without air conditioning. As a result, the demand for electricity is rapidly increasing, causing various damages in Malta and Gozo. No one enjoys spending days or nights without electricity, especially when temperatures are high. However, behind every repair are several groups of EneMalta employees who work continuously and without interruption.

The GWU – Chemical and Energy Division would like to express its appreciation to all the Enemalta plc employees who are currently working tirelessly and with great dedication to repair the faults as soon as possible and provide electricity to the residents.

We must not forget that these employees, who are members of the GWU, are working in all elements of nature to repair the damage caused and reduce the inconvenience to customers as much as possible. Over the past few days, many obstacles have been encountered as workers have been called to work even though they were on holiday or on their days off. Many thanks to all the employees of Enemalta plc. Every employee is showing professionalism and diligence during this difficult time.