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GWU and The pensioners

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What is the role of the General Workers’ Union? Since its inception, the main objective of the General Workers’ Union has been...

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Just because we do not see as many people sleeping on the streets in Malta as we do abroad, does not mean that there is no poverty in our...

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Il-GWU u l-Pensjonanti

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X’inhu l-irwol tal-General Workers’ Union? Sa mit-twaqqif tagħha l-għan ewlieni tal-General Workers’ Union kien li tgħin...

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“Freedom Day is the Day on which as a Union we remember our past work and shape the work of our future.” Josef Bugeja

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What does Freedom Day mean to the Maltese people? Achieved Freedom means not only the departure of the British military base but also the...

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The GWU Department of Technology, Electronics and Communications

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What do you need to know about this section? This section is one of eight sections that make up the GWU. Its aim is to represent and...

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Proactive education

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Conferences for educators Moving Forward – Education at the forefront is the most innovative, participatory and democratic education...

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World Water Day

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Can there be life without water? All living things need water to survive. We and all living things like animals and plants need water to...

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Equal education

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After many years of waiting, the GWU organized a conference that had long been demanded and awaited by all educators in Malta and Gozo. In...

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Government and Public Entities Section within the GWU

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This section is one of eight sections of the General Workers’ Union. It is a section in which it protects the GWU members who work...

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