Il-GWU granted main recognition by the Land Registration Agency

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The General Workers’ Union has obtained the main recognition within the Land Rerigstration Agency, after a verification process...

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GWU instructs more industrial actions within the CPSU

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Due to a lack of progress in the ongoing negotiations, the Government and Public Entity Section within the General Workers’ Union has...

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The GWU in a “cordial, satisfactory” meeting with Air Malta

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After the industrial actions were suspended, the GWU Secretary General states: "We'll continue with these meetings and overcome all...

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GWU Nurses appeal for the use of masks in public places

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The Professional, Finance and Services Section within the General Workers’ Union, in the name of all nurses within the Emergency...

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GWU congratulates James Pearsel for his nomination as MCESD Chairman

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The General Workers’ Union has welcomed the news that James Pearsel has been nominated for the very important role as an MCESD...

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The GWU and Union Print laments the loss of a veteran journalist

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The workers and management of Union Print, along with all the members of the GWU, lament the loss of one of the veteran journalists within...

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International Workers’ Day: GWU President’s Message

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GWU President, Victor Carachi's message in celebration of International Workers' Day...

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GWU’s reaction to the social pact agreed between all social partners

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This package should provide hope and trust for our future....

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The 2nd Financial Packet: GWU’s reaction

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The GWU appeals to the Government to continue presenting new sustainable measures for our economy, with the aim of alleviating some of the...

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The GWU will not accept measures that go against established procedures and protocols

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Today's situation requires matuirty and special attention, both from a health, as well as an economic perspective....

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